CV advice

Employers receive, on average, over 60 CVs per role. Your CV is such an important document; it has only a few seconds to grab the employer’s attention. It’s therefore imperative that it’s professional, truthful, and sells you effectively.

Our top tips for the perfect CV:

Keep it concise – two pages maximum, your CV shouldn’t use even one word that’s unnecessary. Stick to the facts, no life story - and demonstrate how you’ve excelled in your career.

Include a personal statement or summary - Back to that short window of attention; create a clear, compelling summary of the why you’re the best person for the job – make it easy for the employer to choose you.

Don’t just list your duties – When referring to past positions, try and describe what you did above and beyond your normal duties, the real stand-out moments. Were you put up for an award? Did you exceed your targets? Can you prove how you were an asset to that business?

Think of the aesthetics – Does your CV look impressive? Never forget, it’s heinous to have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors on there. Always ask someone else to check your CV before you send it anywhere.

Keywords – In today’s digital age, it’s good practice to use keywords and/or terminology that is relevant to the job description and means something to the employers you’re approaching. Not only does it show you know your stuff, it will also score well on various versions of software some employers use to filter CVs.

Contact information – Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Double-check you’ve put your phone number down correctly, and all other contact information – the last thing you want is an employer keen to see you but unable to get hold of you!

These are just a few points that will help you create a successful CV. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch, on 0333 6662777, or email us on